lundi 24 mai 2010


Hii lovelies !

I know, it's been a while now, since I've published something. & I'm sorry :( But you guys know how Finals can literally be pain in the bootie :) haha NVM. I'm here now with a look :) I LOVE PIN UP LOOKS ! I don't know, but it's so simple yet really beautiful ! LOVE LOVE LOVE :)

By the way, MORE REVIEWS TO COME and MORE LOOKS I PROMISE :) I have ALL the summer for you now ^^

Products used :

Eyes :

88 Warm palette :) !
Just pick any matte white for the lid.
Any brown for the crease
and any dark brown for the outer V and for your lower lash line.
Also fill in your eyebrows !! :)
& FALSIIIIES ! They are such an important aspect to this look !
No falsies, no good pin-up :) ( I think )

Do you like pin up looks ?

Please comment :)


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BLIX a dit…

Nice and classy. :-)