mardi 25 mai 2010

Haul :) May 25th 2010

Hi guyys. :)

Here is just a small haul for you :) & Every item will be reviewed later :) !

3 Revlon nail polishes :) Today i tried Gray Suede and i Love it :) it's such a perfect light brown color ! LOVE IT :). They were all on sale now and i got them for 4.99 instead of 8.99 ! Bargain :)

Annabelle's Studio Mono Eyeshadow in Nymphet. It's such a GORGEOUS color ! and guess what :) I got it for 1.99 instead of 5 :) YAY !

Duo Glue in Dark tone :) This one is good because you can't see the glue since it's dark ^^ and it's WATERPROOOOOOOOFFF !! it was 4.50 $

The love of my life (L) I didn't know it was limited edition :O and when the lady told me that, I HAD TO BUY IT :) and thank God it was on sale :) It was 4.49 instead of 9$ :) I love this lip gloss :) It's a bit sticky but i don't mind :) I just love its color and its taste ^^ on my lips :)This one is going to be my back-up :) I have 2 now ! :) I'm even thinking of buying another one ^^ I love it too much.

And I also got 2 samples :) So, that's it guys ! Have you tried any of these ? If yes, do you like them ? hate them ? :)


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