mercredi 5 mai 2010

Reviiew Gosh Lipstick

Hiii fellow makeup LOVERS :)

If you don't feel like reading my novel, Just go straight to the bottom where the Pros/Cons are :)

The novel
: I don't' know if it's your case, but It takes time to find LE PARFAIT NUDE LIP. It's hard too find because it has to suite your skin tone to PERFECTION. If it doesn't it will either make you look dead or completely off. Sometimes they're too browny and not nude enough :) and other times, they're to pinky and not NUDE enough. But when you find the right one, OH LA LA ! It changes your complete look. Nude lipstick, I find, are as perfect for daytime as night time. I LOVEEE NUDE LIPPIES ! Me and nudes and pinks are meant to be :) So yeah, through my life, I've tried a couple of nude lippies, but my first love was Maybelline Moisture Reniew L/S in NUDE DELIGHT / 700. It suited my olive tone PERFECTLY :) But still, I kept looking for a better one. There's always better !! I did some research on youtube and I found out that DARLING was really popular. So I thought that I should give it a try. So maybe a week or so later, I went to my closest Shoppers Drugmart because that's where they sell GOSH products here in Canada. and SURPRISE, Gosh was on sale that day :) LUCKY?! I KNOW ! Almost everything was 40% off so i had to buy it :) It was like a SIGN that God sent to me :) YES ! So, I picked That nude baby up and went back home :) I couldn't wait to try it on. OH GOSH ! My first impression was: IT'S LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT :) It felt so creamy and it was sooo pigmented. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It's the perfect color for my skin tone and OH GOSH :) It's simply gorgeous on my lips :) And guess what, It's not drying out my lips ! HOUURRAY ! ('cause some lipsticks tend to dry out my lips grrr !) anyways to make a long story SHORT ...


- Creamy

- Easy to apply

- Good lasting

- Pigmented

- Not drying

- Nice smell :)


- Price maybe for some ? Cause its more of an High Brand drugstore product, although 13$ it's not THAT MUCH !

Final Verdict:

10/10 :) Oh Gosh ! ( yes, I'm over-abusing the ''GOSH '' word :P, It's because I feel so cool saying Gosh instead of God :P you know... haha WHATEVER )

And I am Aware that on my picture the lipstick looks ''weird'' :'( haha ! It's all your fault guys, haha ( I KID). It's because I tried to take a picture for YOU, and accidentally I put my finger on it :) YES, Brilliant i know !


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