mercredi 12 mai 2010


Hiii make-up Lovers :)

This is a look I love to wear when I go out <3 It's a sort of sultury smokey purple look. It's great for us brow-eye beautiies :) hehe ! And I used one and only palette to achieve this :) It's the Physician's Formula Pop Brown Palette. I like this palette :)( The review is coming soon, don't worry XD It's juste that i like to take my time to feel comfortable reviewing something)

What Sucks, is that my camera is not picking the color and the shimmers at ALL. GRR! I'm not good at taking pictures of my eye makeup :(! BOOH! Whatever. Here's a picture of the palette and you can see the shimmers in it. :)

It's really pretty isn't it ? Do you like it ? Have you Tried this palette ? :)

Thank you sooo much for readiing guys <3 TONZ AND TONZ OF KISSES :)

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