dimanche 9 mai 2010

Physicians Formula Baked Sands Trio

Hii loveliies :) How are you ? I'm doiiing SUPER GREAT :) Guess why ^^ ? YES! I bought some new makeup I'm LOOOVIIING ! It's been a while since I first heard people talk about this Baked Sands Trio and I always thought it looked good on swatches and on makeup gurus, but I never got to buy it. But this weekend I Had to buy it since it was 40% off at Zellers :)(Here in Canada) Let me tell you that I'm sooo glad I bought it. OMG. The three colors just go perfectly together and they blend heavenly well ! And when you apply them wet it's even BETTER :) ( On the pictures, I applied them dry though :( ) They're super lasting and the pigmentation is great. All the physicians Formula Brand is great for Drugstore :). I Know you're probably thinking : Oh, I have blue eyes, it's not going to look good on me BLA BLA. YOU ARE WRONG:) I know people who have green eyes and it looked as good on them :) So, I think it could suite pretty much everybody, but again, If you're not sure, Wait until it gets on sale and GRAB IT !!

Please Excuse my eyebrows on the pictures. They need to be plucked !


- Pigmented.
- Smooth
- Lasting (especially wet)& BASE NEEDED.
- Not chalky, well a tiny bit, actually NO.
- Cheap (although it is more expensive than other Drugstore shadows I MUST SAY)


- The packaging is not superb. It looks sort of cheap to me and I've heard that they tend to break if you're not careful with them. SO MANY THOSE BABIES WITH CARE !
- The sponge tip applicator, that comes with it, is useless since I mainly use my brushes :) ! ( & I prefer the Covergirl ones, they're better quality :P )

Final Verdict

9/10 because it is a bit more expensive than usual drugstore stuff. It's like 12-13$, but why do I complain ? I got 40% off :).

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