lundi 31 mai 2010

Review : Bikini Zone Medicated Cream

Hi guys !! ^^
Do you guys love the feel of summer ? I LOVE IT. I LOVE when it feels super hot outside and when you can feel the sun hitting your skin :) I love to swim and to play tennis. I love to be OUTSIDE. When summer comes, I feel like a new me :) I hate winter !! Oh God <3 And when summer arrives, bikinis arrive too right ? And with bikinis, comes shaving :)... * sights * And, sadly, with shaving come Bumps, itching, sometimes pain and irritation !(now, how cool is that?) But, I have a solution to this problem:) It's BIKINI ZONE!! This cream is AMAZING. It works like HEAVEN! What it does ? Well, it stops irritation, bumps and itching in the bikini area. Isn't that cool ?

On the box you can read:

Medical Ingredient: Lidocaine 2.00 %

Purpose : Topical analgesic/ anesthetic

Use : Relief for skin irritation


Directions: Apply it right after shaving or waxing to clean, dry skin in the bikini area as needed. (up to 4 times daily). Continue to use Bikini Zone as a regular part of you hair removal routine, whether you use a razor, wax or depilatory. It will help keep skin in the bikini area smooth and PROBLEM-FREE.


More info:

Review Part: LOVE. It works wonders ! It takes away any little bump you can have after shaving. I can't claim it works for itching and pain because I don't have sensitive skin, but for the bumps part, IT DOES ! I tested it yesterday again for you guys, and this morning I had NO bumps no nothing :) Just smooth skin ! I would suggest that you try it on a small area of your bikini zone just in case it wouldn't work for you or you allergic or if you have sensitive skin. For me it worked, but take into consideration that for you it might not !! I have a friend for who this cream also worked :) so, I say TRY IT ! It's worth it ! Here in Canada it costs only 6.97$ in Walmarts. I guess in the states it's like 5$ ? :)( tell me if I'm wrong ^^ ) By the way, there is something I HATE about this thing, it's the smell. Eww, it smells like medecine and I don't know what. But I try to not smell it at all. haha!

Overall: 4 out of 5 (because of the smell, I hate it. BUT, it does what it claims ^^ )

Packaging: 4 out of 5 (I'm having hard times CLOSING this tube HAHA :( It says : PUSH to close, but when I push it, the product comes out :( haha LAME i know !)

Price:5-7$ (depends where you live of course)

Size: 28 g/1 Oz

Would you buy this again? Yes I will !

Recommended? Yes.

mardi 25 mai 2010

Haul :) May 25th 2010

Hi guyys. :)

Here is just a small haul for you :) & Every item will be reviewed later :) !

3 Revlon nail polishes :) Today i tried Gray Suede and i Love it :) it's such a perfect light brown color ! LOVE IT :). They were all on sale now and i got them for 4.99 instead of 8.99 ! Bargain :)

Annabelle's Studio Mono Eyeshadow in Nymphet. It's such a GORGEOUS color ! and guess what :) I got it for 1.99 instead of 5 :) YAY !

Duo Glue in Dark tone :) This one is good because you can't see the glue since it's dark ^^ and it's WATERPROOOOOOOOFFF !! it was 4.50 $

The love of my life (L) I didn't know it was limited edition :O and when the lady told me that, I HAD TO BUY IT :) and thank God it was on sale :) It was 4.49 instead of 9$ :) I love this lip gloss :) It's a bit sticky but i don't mind :) I just love its color and its taste ^^ on my lips :)This one is going to be my back-up :) I have 2 now ! :) I'm even thinking of buying another one ^^ I love it too much.

And I also got 2 samples :) So, that's it guys ! Have you tried any of these ? If yes, do you like them ? hate them ? :)


lundi 24 mai 2010

Day-time Smokey Eye :)

It's me again :) <3

This is a subtle smokey eye that can easily be worn at work or school or wherever you want :) hihihi and later that day, you can add some more intensity to the look and you'll be ready for a night out ;) !
Smokey Eyes are something every girl should know how to do it. It goes with everything! and it's perfect almost everywhere, it depends just on the intensity of ur look. Cheers to Smokey eyes :)

Do you like Smokey eyes ? Do you wear them only to go out ? :)



Hii lovelies !

I know, it's been a while now, since I've published something. & I'm sorry :( But you guys know how Finals can literally be pain in the bootie :) haha NVM. I'm here now with a look :) I LOVE PIN UP LOOKS ! I don't know, but it's so simple yet really beautiful ! LOVE LOVE LOVE :)

By the way, MORE REVIEWS TO COME and MORE LOOKS I PROMISE :) I have ALL the summer for you now ^^

Products used :

Eyes :

88 Warm palette :) !
Just pick any matte white for the lid.
Any brown for the crease
and any dark brown for the outer V and for your lower lash line.
Also fill in your eyebrows !! :)
& FALSIIIIES ! They are such an important aspect to this look !
No falsies, no good pin-up :) ( I think )

Do you like pin up looks ?

Please comment :)


mercredi 12 mai 2010


Hiii make-up Lovers :)

This is a look I love to wear when I go out <3 It's a sort of sultury smokey purple look. It's great for us brow-eye beautiies :) hehe ! And I used one and only palette to achieve this :) It's the Physician's Formula Pop Brown Palette. I like this palette :)( The review is coming soon, don't worry XD It's juste that i like to take my time to feel comfortable reviewing something)

What Sucks, is that my camera is not picking the color and the shimmers at ALL. GRR! I'm not good at taking pictures of my eye makeup :(! BOOH! Whatever. Here's a picture of the palette and you can see the shimmers in it. :)

It's really pretty isn't it ? Do you like it ? Have you Tried this palette ? :)

Thank you sooo much for readiing guys <3 TONZ AND TONZ OF KISSES :)

dimanche 9 mai 2010

Physicians Formula Baked Sands Trio

Hii loveliies :) How are you ? I'm doiiing SUPER GREAT :) Guess why ^^ ? YES! I bought some new makeup I'm LOOOVIIING ! It's been a while since I first heard people talk about this Baked Sands Trio and I always thought it looked good on swatches and on makeup gurus, but I never got to buy it. But this weekend I Had to buy it since it was 40% off at Zellers :)(Here in Canada) Let me tell you that I'm sooo glad I bought it. OMG. The three colors just go perfectly together and they blend heavenly well ! And when you apply them wet it's even BETTER :) ( On the pictures, I applied them dry though :( ) They're super lasting and the pigmentation is great. All the physicians Formula Brand is great for Drugstore :). I Know you're probably thinking : Oh, I have blue eyes, it's not going to look good on me BLA BLA. YOU ARE WRONG:) I know people who have green eyes and it looked as good on them :) So, I think it could suite pretty much everybody, but again, If you're not sure, Wait until it gets on sale and GRAB IT !!

Please Excuse my eyebrows on the pictures. They need to be plucked !


- Pigmented.
- Smooth
- Lasting (especially wet)& BASE NEEDED.
- Not chalky, well a tiny bit, actually NO.
- Cheap (although it is more expensive than other Drugstore shadows I MUST SAY)


- The packaging is not superb. It looks sort of cheap to me and I've heard that they tend to break if you're not careful with them. SO MANY THOSE BABIES WITH CARE !
- The sponge tip applicator, that comes with it, is useless since I mainly use my brushes :) ! ( & I prefer the Covergirl ones, they're better quality :P )

Final Verdict

9/10 because it is a bit more expensive than usual drugstore stuff. It's like 12-13$, but why do I complain ? I got 40% off :).

jeudi 6 mai 2010

Apriil Delights :):)

Hiii guyys :)

It's that time of the month ^^ ! It's time for MY april Favorites :) YAYY ! I haven't bought many things this montth, mainly because i don't have time :( We're almost done with school = LOTS AND LOTS OF WORK :( Anyways, let's see what me favorites of the month are :

1. Wet N Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in the color BLAZED :

This product is so PERFECT. With WNW nail polishes it's either a hit or miss and this one is definitely a HIT :) It goes on so smooothly with no streaking. LOVE IT. And the color is sooo beautiful. On the picture it looks like it's more of an ORANGISH color, but in reality, it's a sort of Coraly pink :) It's perfect for spring & sommer ! The price is about 2$.

2. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro in the color Steel Grey :

Even though, it looks like a more Winter color, I wear it all the time :) I feel like it makes my hands so much prettier haha ^^. It takes 2 coats to get the same color as on the bottle :) Which is pretty good. Also, on the bottle, it says that it last up to 10 day, which is Not true. Unfortunately! It last maybe like 5( for me ). Anyways, It's a pretty color that suites almost everything :) Thumbs up to that ! It cost like 3-4$ ( here in Canada).

3. Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer :

It Does what it claims ! It makes your foundation last a lot longer and it makes your skin feel so silky smooth :) I put it after a good moisturizer and than my foundation and Voila :) Perfect Skin ( almost ^^). It might be a little pricey for some people because Gosh is a more High Brand Brand haha . It's around 28-29$ and the consistency is a lot like the MUFE primer one:)

4. Lise Watier Magnifix Make-up Fixative:

I love this product since day one! It's what completes my look. It's a lot like Fix plus (although I've never tried the mac one but I heard some friends say that it's almost the same) and I think it's probably better since it smells like White Tea :) When you put it on your face, it's so refreshing. And it gives you a natural dewy look :) And I love dewy looks because i have dry skin so I Prefer a bit of shine :) And a good thing about it is that it cost only like 20$ YAY!

5. Rimmel Volume booster Lip Pluming Gloss in Clear :

okay, first of all it's not a lip pluming product at ALL. It doesn't sting your lips and it won't make them bigger after 10 months of use :) TRUST ME ! haha it's a simply a clear lip gloss that makes your lips look a TINY bit fuller :P. It's not sticky and it smell Heavenlyyy good :) I love that Gloss. And it costs around 4-5$, but it lasts you a good amount of time. :)

6. Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion :

I love It :) If you want more info go down to my review on it .

7. NYC Bronzer in Sunny :

It's a super great matte bronzer. I LOVEE MATTE BLUSHES AND BRONZERS! It's great for contouring as well :) and it's super cheap, it's like 4$ ! It was supposed to get discontinued,but I guess they realized that people loved it so much so they Decided to keep it :) Tell me about some good news !

8. Maybelline Quad in Chai Latte :

I found myself using this Quad everytime i would go out :) It's perfect for day time and perfect for a night out :) And it's cheap too, it's somewhere around 6 to 7 $. It's pigmented, but the lightest color i don't like it. I don't use it :) but the 3 others are GREAT !

So That's all for my April Delights :) What are your faves of the month of April ??


mercredi 5 mai 2010

Reviiew Gosh Lipstick

Hiii fellow makeup LOVERS :)

If you don't feel like reading my novel, Just go straight to the bottom where the Pros/Cons are :)

The novel
: I don't' know if it's your case, but It takes time to find LE PARFAIT NUDE LIP. It's hard too find because it has to suite your skin tone to PERFECTION. If it doesn't it will either make you look dead or completely off. Sometimes they're too browny and not nude enough :) and other times, they're to pinky and not NUDE enough. But when you find the right one, OH LA LA ! It changes your complete look. Nude lipstick, I find, are as perfect for daytime as night time. I LOVEEE NUDE LIPPIES ! Me and nudes and pinks are meant to be :) So yeah, through my life, I've tried a couple of nude lippies, but my first love was Maybelline Moisture Reniew L/S in NUDE DELIGHT / 700. It suited my olive tone PERFECTLY :) But still, I kept looking for a better one. There's always better !! I did some research on youtube and I found out that DARLING was really popular. So I thought that I should give it a try. So maybe a week or so later, I went to my closest Shoppers Drugmart because that's where they sell GOSH products here in Canada. and SURPRISE, Gosh was on sale that day :) LUCKY?! I KNOW ! Almost everything was 40% off so i had to buy it :) It was like a SIGN that God sent to me :) YES ! So, I picked That nude baby up and went back home :) I couldn't wait to try it on. OH GOSH ! My first impression was: IT'S LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT :) It felt so creamy and it was sooo pigmented. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It's the perfect color for my skin tone and OH GOSH :) It's simply gorgeous on my lips :) And guess what, It's not drying out my lips ! HOUURRAY ! ('cause some lipsticks tend to dry out my lips grrr !) anyways to make a long story SHORT ...


- Creamy

- Easy to apply

- Good lasting

- Pigmented

- Not drying

- Nice smell :)


- Price maybe for some ? Cause its more of an High Brand drugstore product, although 13$ it's not THAT MUCH !

Final Verdict:

10/10 :) Oh Gosh ! ( yes, I'm over-abusing the ''GOSH '' word :P, It's because I feel so cool saying Gosh instead of God :P you know... haha WHATEVER )

And I am Aware that on my picture the lipstick looks ''weird'' :'( haha ! It's all your fault guys, haha ( I KID). It's because I tried to take a picture for YOU, and accidentally I put my finger on it :) YES, Brilliant i know !


mardi 4 mai 2010

Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

Hi guys :) It's review time !

What the product claims :
Clinically proven to hydrate and protect skin for 24 hours! Cetaphil DailyAdvanceTM Ultra Hydrating Lotion is a luxurious, light creamy lotion formulated with shea butter to moisturize and protect normal to dry skin. It absorbs easily, is non-comedogenic and provides skin with a long-lasting surge of moisture for 24 hours, leaving your body feeling soft, hydrated and smooth. Ideal for every day total body moisturization.

What I say
It's been a month and a half now that I've been using Cetaphil moisturizer and I must say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. It has done wonders to my skin. I have dry skin, especially in winter it gets SUPER MEGA DRY, and this helped so much. This winter I had some dry patches and sometimes I felt like my face would CRACK haha :( However, this little guy saved my life :) YES ! It's so moisturizing. I put it at night and the next morning my skin looks amazing. It's glowy and healthy and soft. And my foundations goes on so much nicer. My over-all skin looks a lot better. This moisturizer doesn't feel greasy at all and it soaks in really quickly. It does not irritate my skin, but I don't have sensitive skin so I can't be sure about this one. And it didn't break me out, and again my skin is not acne-prone skin. On the packaging they claim : 24 hours hydration. About that one I'm not really sure. It does hydrate but it doesn't last 24 hours :) There's also no smell to it and I would prefer one :) ( but I can live with that :P )



-Makes your skin feel smooth

-Helps over-all look of the skin

-Price ( only about 13$ here in Canada )


-Doesn't last 24 hours

-Could have a smell ( but since it's made for sensitive skin, i understand it not having a smell :)
-Packaging is not WOW

Final verdict
8.5/10 :)