lundi 13 septembre 2010

EOTD : Classic Smokey Eye

Hello my lovelies (:

Here is a new EOTD. Today, I did this '' CLASSIC '' smokey-eye for you :) It's very simple, easy and fast to do, TRUST ME :) All you gotta do is get your favorite eyeshadows out and START colorring :)

Products used :
- UDPP, as always :P
No base used today, but you can always add one for more color pop :)
- Aveda's shadow plus vitamins eye shadow in COBALT. It's just and amazing dark blue-gray, steel-grey color :) It's AMAAAZZIINGLY PIGMENTED ! I put that color all over my lid. If it's too dark for you, just take any lighter E/S and VOILA :)
- Sephora's eye shadow in Aspen Summit number 23. This is a nice frosty, satin white color :) I put it on my inner corners. When you use darker colors like i did, putting a whiter color on you inner corners, makes you look LESS like a racoon and makes your eyes POP even more :)
- Cover Girl's Brown Smolder Eyeshadow a little above the crease to warm the look up a little :)
- WNW matte black eyeshadow on my outer Vs :)
- Mascara. Put whateveeerrrr you want :) You can also add falsies ( that's what I would do If I was going out ).

And BLEEENNNDDD PLEASSEE ::) You'll need to blend a lot ;) But, don't OVER do-it, otherwise your colors will look muddy and stuff :( EW!

That's it my girlies :) I hope you've enjoyed this look. MANY MORE IS TO COME :) I know I have been MIA for SOOOO frking long. BUT I'M BACK NOW !! :)