jeudi 6 mai 2010

Apriil Delights :):)

Hiii guyys :)

It's that time of the month ^^ ! It's time for MY april Favorites :) YAYY ! I haven't bought many things this montth, mainly because i don't have time :( We're almost done with school = LOTS AND LOTS OF WORK :( Anyways, let's see what me favorites of the month are :

1. Wet N Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in the color BLAZED :

This product is so PERFECT. With WNW nail polishes it's either a hit or miss and this one is definitely a HIT :) It goes on so smooothly with no streaking. LOVE IT. And the color is sooo beautiful. On the picture it looks like it's more of an ORANGISH color, but in reality, it's a sort of Coraly pink :) It's perfect for spring & sommer ! The price is about 2$.

2. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro in the color Steel Grey :

Even though, it looks like a more Winter color, I wear it all the time :) I feel like it makes my hands so much prettier haha ^^. It takes 2 coats to get the same color as on the bottle :) Which is pretty good. Also, on the bottle, it says that it last up to 10 day, which is Not true. Unfortunately! It last maybe like 5( for me ). Anyways, It's a pretty color that suites almost everything :) Thumbs up to that ! It cost like 3-4$ ( here in Canada).

3. Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer :

It Does what it claims ! It makes your foundation last a lot longer and it makes your skin feel so silky smooth :) I put it after a good moisturizer and than my foundation and Voila :) Perfect Skin ( almost ^^). It might be a little pricey for some people because Gosh is a more High Brand Brand haha . It's around 28-29$ and the consistency is a lot like the MUFE primer one:)

4. Lise Watier Magnifix Make-up Fixative:

I love this product since day one! It's what completes my look. It's a lot like Fix plus (although I've never tried the mac one but I heard some friends say that it's almost the same) and I think it's probably better since it smells like White Tea :) When you put it on your face, it's so refreshing. And it gives you a natural dewy look :) And I love dewy looks because i have dry skin so I Prefer a bit of shine :) And a good thing about it is that it cost only like 20$ YAY!

5. Rimmel Volume booster Lip Pluming Gloss in Clear :

okay, first of all it's not a lip pluming product at ALL. It doesn't sting your lips and it won't make them bigger after 10 months of use :) TRUST ME ! haha it's a simply a clear lip gloss that makes your lips look a TINY bit fuller :P. It's not sticky and it smell Heavenlyyy good :) I love that Gloss. And it costs around 4-5$, but it lasts you a good amount of time. :)

6. Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion :

I love It :) If you want more info go down to my review on it .

7. NYC Bronzer in Sunny :

It's a super great matte bronzer. I LOVEE MATTE BLUSHES AND BRONZERS! It's great for contouring as well :) and it's super cheap, it's like 4$ ! It was supposed to get discontinued,but I guess they realized that people loved it so much so they Decided to keep it :) Tell me about some good news !

8. Maybelline Quad in Chai Latte :

I found myself using this Quad everytime i would go out :) It's perfect for day time and perfect for a night out :) And it's cheap too, it's somewhere around 6 to 7 $. It's pigmented, but the lightest color i don't like it. I don't use it :) but the 3 others are GREAT !

So That's all for my April Delights :) What are your faves of the month of April ??


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