vendredi 25 juin 2010

Skin Care Regimen :)

Hello Beautiful people :)

Today I wanted to share with you my skin care regimen.

The Novel:
Having good skin is 10028409652349853 times more important than having nice make-up on because make-up is like painting. You have to start with a nice bare canvas and only then, you'll be able to do the most gorgeous masterpieces ever :) I know that because I used to have really bad acne. When I used to look at my skin in the mirror, I remember how I always wanted to cry. It was horrible. Then, some day, I decided to go see a dermatologist, she gave me pills and told me that it was hormonal. However, it was sort of too late. Acne had already made its damages. It was too late because it took me around 2 years to decide that I wanted to visit the dermatologist. (STUPID ME) Why is 2 years too late ? Well, you need to attack acne as soon as you see it. Don't let it settle down. (I'm sure you know what I mean) & that's exactly what happened to me. My acne had become worse and worse and worse. My face was red and full of pimples. Now, thank God, the acne is completely gone. But, the scars remained. (that's the worst part of acne). That's why you need to treat acne as soon as you notice it. Don't wait too long because it's really HARD to erase that mistake and erase scars. It took me 2 years to erase that "waiting" mistake I did. Actually, it's still not completely gone. I still have acne scars on my forehead, mainly in between my eyebrows :( I'll probably go see a doctor and see if I can do microdermabrasion to get rid of them. I want to get rid of the scars before they get too old. Grrr. You don't want your scars to be too old, because those are the most stubborn & they don't wanna leave. Trust me.

My skin type: Dry. Yes, I have dry skin now. How weird is that. haha. In winter it's dry and in summer it's normal :) And honestly I like having Dry skin. I prefer it 1209480 times more than the oily skin I used to have.

My skin care regimen:

In the Morning: Toner :) I only tone in the morning after washing my face with warm water. Sometimes I don't even do that. I feel like my skin looks great in the morning :) And, of course, I put my Neutrogena Comfort Cream before anything. In winter, I use the Nivea Soft Cream. & The toner I'm using right now is a Nivea one, ( l love Nivea ) but as soon as I finish up the bottle, I'll try a new one. Any recommendations ?

At Night: I wash my face with Olay's Daily Facials Hydrating Cleansing Cloth for Normal to Dry skin. Since I'm a lazy person, these cloths are puuurfect for me :) After I made sure that I got rid of all the make-up, I put my Marcelle Eye Cream under my eyes . If you want to see my review on it, click here. After that, I put my Cetaphil moisturizer on :) If you wanna see a review on it, click here. And If I have a pimple, I put some Mario Badescu Drying Cream on it. But, I don't have pimples really often, so I don't use it a lot. Thank God ! Sometimes, In winter, when my skin gets super dry, I put Nivea's cream, The original one.

That's it. My skin is doing really good right now. I'm sooooo happy about that you have no idea. I had so many problems with my skin. Now, gladly, everything is fine. It makes me smile when people say : Oh your skin looks amazing. It kinda makes my day <3.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them :) and also, keep in mind that every skin is UNIQUE, so if something worked for me, It might not for you and vice versa . Also, if you have any suggestions about toners, PLEASE SHARE ! ^^


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