lundi 7 juin 2010

Review : Hydra-C ComplexE Eye Contour Gel

Review Time Guys!! :)

Since may 4th, I've been using this eye cream. So, it's been more than a month now that I've been putting this cream every morning and every night on my eyes. And I took my time for one reason: to get a good opinion about this product & now, I'm pretty comfortable with it. So, Let's get started.

On the box, you can read: More luminous and brighter looking eyes with Hydra-C Eye Contour Gel-Cream which revitalizes and refreshes the delicate eye contour skin. -Reduces dark circles and puffiness. -Hydrates the skin and tones the eye contour area. -Helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Application: apply to a well cleansed eye contour area, morning and night, with light tapping motions. Use alone or under make-up.

Review Part: WOW. For me it did exactly what it claimed. Nothing more & nothing less. As you may know, or not, I have Olive toned skin and usually, the problem with that skin color is that the under-eye area is rather brownish and dark. So, concealers are MUSTS for us and obviously, a good under-eye cream is needed. And for me, this cream is perfect. It took away almost all my dark circles and brightened that area as well. And I'm afraid of wrinkles, so this is a good cream to prevent them. It also helped with the puffiness of my eyes (due to lack of sleep or tears) & It hydrated my skin so muuuch. When I apply concealer, it glides on so much better now. I don't have to '' RUB'' anymore. Hehe. I still have some dark circles,yes, but they are definitely less noticeable! (they were REALLY bad before) Which makes me very happy (:! It's been a month now, and I've used up only half of the product. So, one bottle will definitely last you for at least 2 months :) and the price, here in Canada, is 14.26$. (very reasonable price!). However, I encountered some problems with the packaging :( (MAN I HATE THEM). At some point, the product wasn't coming out of the pump anymore. I started to ''panic'' :), but all you got to do is continue pressing and it will eventually get back to normal. But, the bottle is still really hygienic and easy to use. I use one pump for one eye :) So, if you do the math :P, 2 pumps for two eyes :). What else ? Well, it has vitamin C and E. It's perfume free and Hypo-Allergenic & the consistency is perfect. Not too runny and not too thick :) Just perfect, and it sinks into your skin really fast. I LOVE THIS CREAM :) BUY IT. If you want to reduce puffiness and dark circles and you want to prevent wrinkles, BUY THIS CREAM :)

5/5. It does exactly what it's supposed to do.

4/5. It's because of the pump problem I Had, but it happened just once, so not to worry about.

14$ in Walmarts. I know that in other places, this cream is like 20$.

0,51 OZ/ 15 mL

Would you buy this again?
Definitely will.

Yes, to anyone between 18-25 :)

I know, the picture is super blurry :( But, it's the only one that I have that is close to BEFORE :(

So yeah, this is after a month. I am aware that this eye is 10 times prettier because of the mascara and the eyebrows :) but forget about it hehe ;)

So that's it :) Hope you've enjoyed this review :) If you have any questions/comments or whatever :) Just write them :)


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EveryDay Makeup (becky) a dit…

sometimes great products comes in sucky packaging lol.

awesome review and im glad it works very well for you.

ammwiich a dit…

hhehe That's true ^^ and I'm glad it worked too ! haha

BLIX a dit…

This sounds great. Thanks for the review. I may have to try this when I run out of my Yes to Cucumbers Eye Calming gel. That is if I can remember! :-D

ammwiich a dit…

haha ^^ write it down somwhere :) and try to not lose the paper :P


C'est en plein la crème que j'utilise ... :P Et je l'adorre :)