jeudi 10 juin 2010

FOTD: Purple Look with 88 matte

Hello Lovelies :)

So, today I have a tutorial for you guys :) Actually, I got inspired by these GORGEOUS purple flowers.

Because earlier today, I was watching T.V. and they were showing some beautiful flowers with amazing colors, so I decided to google some pictures for inspiration and I found these purple ones :) ( If someone knows their name, please let met know ^^) So, I came up with this look :) & Let me know your thoughts on this look ^^

After a couple of shots, I realized that I needed to add just a bit more purple above the crease and blend a bit more :)

These 2 pics were taken with outdoors lightning :)

This picture was taken in my bathroom. Man I hate the light in there. The color appears like a purple pink in the bathroom ! By the way, sorry about the next one. It's kinda bluuurrry :(

This tutorial is also for my sister-in-law-to-become :P who just ordered the 88 shimmer palette and I wanted to show her what looks she could do with it :) Actually, I used the 88 matte, but the colors are the same anyways :) I love these palettes. Their great to play around with color :)

Products used

- U.D.P.P.
- Maybelline Colossal Mascara
- 88 Matte palette :)

Lid: highest purple on the right side. Used on 2 third of the lid.
Crease: a bit of that dark purple on the bottom
Outer V: dark purple
outer 2 third of the bottom lash line: that same dark purple
Inner third of the eye & first third of the bottom lash line: you could use the white shown on the picture, but I didn't use that one. I used a matte white from E.L.F.

That's it you guys :) I hope you liked it :) Leave comments, I appreciate it ^^


2 commentaires:

BLIX a dit…

Very pretty! I google pictures for inspiration sometimes too. :-)

ammwiich a dit…

haha YAY! I think that most people do that (: