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Eyebrow Tutorial

Hi again :)

Those who know me, know that I'm literally OBSESSED with eyebrows! Eyebrows frame your face and your eyes ! & Your eyes are the window to your soul and they frame that as well :) To me, a woman is incomplete without nice eyebrows. They are the first thing I notice :) & a woman is 10 times more beautiful with pretty ones :) I LOVE EYEBROWS! If they were men, I would marry them haha! No seriously, I'm really judgy and picky when it comes to eyebrows and especially with mines. I am willing to spend 20 minutes on them everyday! I want them to be as perfect as possible:( ( I try to haha) However, it's really hard to achieve eyebrow perfection when you don't have eyebrows :( ( Actually, I do have them, but they are really sparse and uneven %?3$*?/"*8"@ !!! So I have to work with what i got right ?! Well, with time, I ended up with a technique that I now use EVERYDAY!! I won't leave the house without my eyebrows. (depends on where I go, but usually, I wouldn't) Anyways, I thought I would share my technique with you guys and especially with those who, like me, want perfect eyebrows even if they don't have them.

Let's get started :

You will need :
  1. Tweezers
  2. Scissors
  3. White pencil
  4. Eyebrow Pencil (Maybelline Define-A-Brow in Medium Brown)
  5. Brow Powder (NYC)
  6. Liner Brush ( I'm using Ecotools one)
  7. Spoolie Brush

If this is the first time you're doing your eyebrows, use the wh
ite line trick to indicate you where to start them and where to end them. If you're like : "What the hell is she talking about?! What white-line trick ?!" well, here is a blog that explains it all at number 3 :). ( Lazy? DUH! ) But, since I'm used to do my eyebrows, I don't do that anymore. (Actually, I never did haha) :) But, I do it on other people to show them how they're going to look like, etc.

2. Pluck whatever is under or over or next to that white line :) DON'T GO INSIDE THAT LINE ! Again, everything depends on what look you are going for. BE CAREFULL TO NOT OVER-PLUCK PLEAAAAASSEE ! This is the most COMMON mistake, us woman do. OVER-PLUCKING! It's better to leave them unplucked than ending up with just a line. EWW! (sorry, I'm getting emotional!)

Here, you can see how ugly my natural eyebrows are (:

In the pictures to come, you will notice that I didn't pluck my eyebrows. Why ? It's because I want to let them grow for the summer :) I want bigger eyebrows. At some point they were ''big'' , but I don't know, something happened. I Guess, I plucked more some days and TADAM ... thin eyebrows :(

3. Take a spoolie and brush them up. If you see any TOO long hair, cut it with small scissors. That way, your brows will stay in place and this will also help you to shape them. You can also brush them down and cut whatever is long, but I don't do that because sometimes you can OVER-CUT them and it's just not very appealing. ( I prefer bushier brows anyways)

4. Take any brow pencil that matches your hair color (A bit litter is always better than TOO dark!) and shade in VERY LIGHTLY the bottom and/or the top of your eyebrows. Why and/or the top? Well, it depends again haha! If you want them THICKER, you shoul
d line the top too. If you don't want them as thick, just line the bottom. Personally, I do both, it depends on my makeup. If I go out and wear more makeup, I will most likely make my eyebrows bigger. If It's everyday makeup, well I probably won't. You shade in your eyebrows to create an illusion of perfectly shaped eyebrows. They look cleaner.

5. Take any brown eyeshadow or brow powder (with COOL undertones por favor that obviously matches your hair color) and fill in your eyebrows with gentle and small strokes. Why? Well, by doing that, you somewhat fake hair! Also, make sure to start at the middle of your eyebrow and slowly make your way to the front. Why? Because you don't want too much product at the beginning of your eyebrow. It doesn't look natural at all. (Unless you are going for that look). Also, make sure that you use your spoolie after being done filling them in. By using a spoolie, you make sure the color is somewhat blended & you erase any harsh lines, and again, it looks more natural. By the way, I'm using NYC Brow Kit.

This picture above, is how thin they were 2 or 3 weeks ago :)They are growing an itsy bitsy bit :)

Tips & Tricks :

- If you're not sure about what you are doing, STOP IT, NOW! Ask mother, sister or friend to help you out. Ask anyone who knows what they are doing. It's better to ask for help, than ruining your face :( If no one, close to you, knows how to do eyebrows, ask for professional help :)

- Always follow your natural brow shape. Don't force them to look like something they are not supposed to. It's just going to look hella fake :) and not good at all !

- If your eyebrows tend to fall down, put some clear mascara on them :) A good one is the clear mascara by Maybelline. It's cheap and it works! Don't spend your money on expensive ones, they don't work any better!

- CAREFUL ! please. Don't over-pluck. If necessary, step back and look at you. If you're hesitating to pluck a hair, don't pluck it. If your not sure if it needs to go or not, most chances are that it needs to stay :)

- Make sure you have enough light. You need to see what you are doing right :)

- Have fun ^^

This woman has the most perfect eyebrows. Oh Goodness.

I hope you've enjoyed this and if you have any questions regarding this eyebrow tutorial, ASK :)

Talk to you soon guys,


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"It's just going to look hella fake" hahaha **much love from Cali :)