mardi 1 juin 2010

May delights :)

It's that time of the month again ^^ = FAVORITES OF THE MONTH ! I picked up 8 things that I've been using a lot lately, especially in the month of May :) Sooo here they are :

1. Nivea Energy Breeze Fresh sensation Anti-perspirant :
I love it :) It smells really Fresh and works pretty gooood :) It's summer guys, so you want to make sure you're protected and you want to stay away from sweat marks ^^ !

2. NYC Browser Brush-On Brow Kit in 876C Brunette :
LOVE :) It's been half a year now that I've been using this powder for my eyebrows and I LOOOOOOVE IT. It's the perfect color for my eyebrows and it's so smooth ! It is a bit powdery though, but I don't mind that! It's also really inexpensive, I think it's like 5$ here in Canada :) sooo, definitely check it out you guys !

3. Cover Girl's eye enhancers eye shadow in Brown Smolder :
This brown color is the puuuurfect outer v color EVER. It has tiny shimmers in it, but once applied you don't see them at all. It's easily blendable, smooth and pigmented. Hell yeah !

4. Almay line smoothing pressed powder for Dry skin in light/medium 200 :
This is the best pressed powder I have tried so far. It's especially made for dry skin, so you don't look SUPER MEGA POWDERY AND MATTE after you apply it. By the way, this is my winter shade, in summer I'm 10 times darker than that :) Oh, and i know, the cap is extremely dirty. I know, I know.

5. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen in Blackest Black 01 :
LOVVE THIS LiNNER :) I used to really be into liquid eye liners before and then I switched to gel liner and this month, I don't know why but I ''rediscovered'' felt tip eyeliners and now I remember why I used to love them so much :) When you know how to use them, they make the best lines ever :) !

6. Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Blush in Blushing Peach : HAHAH ! What a name right ? :). Never mind, this blush I like it a lot :) It's such a GORGEOUS peachy color and it applies really pretty and effortless. I like the fact that it applies sheerer than some other blushes because that way, you can build your intensity. Nevertheless, it's PERFECT FOR SUMMER ! BUT, since in summer I get REALLY REALLY REALLY DARK ( I JOKE NOT, I get as dark as chocolate. Not Dark chocolate but normal chocolate :) :O ) I'm afraid that it won't show on me this summer :( It showed on my skin this spring, but we'll see this summer. I'll do an update for this one.

7. Ecotools' eye liner Brush :
This guy is my Best friend. Everyday, he's there for me and my eyebrows ! Yes, I use him for my eyebrows and he makes them perfect :) The bristles are stiff and thin, everything you need for an eyeliner brush and for you eyebrows! And, it's dirt cheap. It's like 4$ ^^ YAY!

8. Tweezerman's tweezers :
The first time I tried them, I hated them so much that I wanted to return them! haha. I guess I wasn't used to them. I remember, I tried to pluck my eyebrows and I started to bleed :( I squeezed my upper lid :( It hurt so bad haha :( But, I got used to them and now i love them :) They are so precise and SHARP ;) Be CAREFUL !! By the way, I hate their price, but it's worth it. They cost about 30 $ ( the ones that I have, because they have zebra prints on)

So, that's it guys :) I hope you've enjoyed this post and I wonder what are your may delights ? and have you tried any of these things I've mentioned ? :) Let me know!


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EveryDay Makeup (becky) a dit…

awesome stuff. I will look into that nyc brow kit. sounds really good.

thank you for following my blog.

ammwiich a dit…

Aww thank you :) !
Yeah it's really cheap and works great.
It's a nice brown color with cool undertones ^^

Ashley a dit…

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Have a great weekend!

ammwiich a dit…

awww thank you :) that's so sweet of you ^^
I'm going to chek out ur blog too !!