vendredi 4 juin 2010

Free Stuff

Hi lovelies :)

I don't know about you, but I enjoy Freebies :) Let met share with you some stuff I got lately :)

Sephora Insider Gift :

Isn't that Great ?:) Yup ! Since my birthday is coming really soon, Sephora sent me a gift! YAY! As you can notice ( or maybe not ^^ ), I got a Sephora Mascara, a Sephora eye shadow in Aspen summit-23 and a Sephora Nano eye pencil in Silver Green-11. I haven't tried them on me yet, but the eye shadow is pretty pigmented swatched on my hand and the eye pencil looks good :) And the mascara, we'll see :) I'll tell you, eventually ;)

Then today in my mailbox :

Mario Badescu samples. YAY ! I have been waiting on them for almost 2 weeks now. Due to the raves about these products on youtube and on blogs, I HAD to try them too ^^. So, I went on MB's website and they sent me an army of skin care samples :)

The samples are :
  1. Orange Cleansing Soap
  2. Special Cucumber Lotion
  3. Strawberry Face Scrub
  4. Flower & Tonic Mask
  5. Collagen Moisturizer SPF 15
  6. Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream
  7. Drying Cream
  8. Bee Pollen Night Cream
A lot eh ? :) One thing that I really wanted, is the Drying Lotion everyone is talking about. It's suppose to stop pimples and dry them up like nothing before. Gurus and bloggers rave that it works like heaven, so I wanted to give it a try, but I didn't get it :'( ! hehe. I have the Drying Cream instead. It's similar, but not as effective. I, also, would like to try the Whitening Cream. They say that it works perfectly on red scars and it helps your skin to heal faster. Before, I used to have really BAD SKIN, acne and shit. grrr ! And what's even worse after acne is the scarring it leaves behind & I WANT THEM GONE FOR GOOD :) ! That being said, I'm going to try these babies for you guys, and for me :$ of COUUUURSSSZZ, and see if It would be worth buying full size products. By the way, If you too want some samples, go on their website ;) !

Also, today in the mailbox :

Summer 2010 issue of Pure magazine :) ( I know, picutre = lame, because I didn't feel like taking a picture of it haha ! )

& A week or so, ago :This is a free gift I got from Yves Rocher. Usually, when your birthday is coming, they send you a card that gives you some free stuff, or Bogos or things like that & on my card, I had a free gift, buy one & get one for half, 4 bonus points on my card and 30% on waxing, which is great :) So, this thingy is a Toning Water Mist and it smell so good. It's supposed to keep your skin Hydrated and you put it before your moisturizer. I can't really tell that it's working, but it smells really refreshing though! For more infos : this is their website where I took the picture from. (I didn't feel like taking a picutre, again :( haha) & I bought a shower gel from them for 3.50$ instead of 8$ something:) It's the Mexican Aloe Vera one and Oh LORD, it smells so... Perfect haha ! It smells really exotic, and it's also good for your skin, since aloe hydrates your skin (: Try it !!

That's is you beautiful people. Have you tried Mario Badescu products ? What do you think about them ? Good? Bad ? :) POR FAVOR Let me know ;)

Mucho Love :)


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