vendredi 2 juillet 2010

FOTD : Yellow Orange Coral

Hii giirls :) <3

Today, I wanted to do a summery look :) And this is what I came up with ^^ This look is definitely for you color-lovers out there :) Once again, I had problems with the color show-off :( It's so much more vibrant in real life :( Booh ! Can someone help me ? :) Some camera tips & tricks anyone ? Por favor ^^ The colors I used are : Yellow on the lid, Orange on the crease & outer corners, Coral on the outer 2/3 of the lower lash line and White in the inner corners. For this look, you'll need a good primer, but also a good base. That way, the colors will POP even more ;) Nyx's Jumbo pencils for example:)

I hope you like this look :) If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them with me :)


2 commentaires:

BLIX a dit…

I don't know any camera tips, but you can use photoshop to bring the colours out more. Try using Auto levels, color or contrast by going to image, adjustments and then select one of the 3 auto adjustments.
It helps me make my pictures look the way they should as the lighting in my apartment and light from my camera makes me either look blue or pinkish. Which is annoying.

It's a pretty look BTW!

ammwiich a dit…

hahah I know, my camera does that too. It's a good one, but still. Idk.
But thank you :) I shall try that.
Your pictures are amazing. And the colors look perfect. So IM GONNA TRUST YOU :)